De Medina de stad van het Alhambra

De Medina de stad van het Alhambra

07-03-2018   Events Alhambra

Slenterend langs de koninklijke straat van de medina, zullen we enkele van de deuren van het Alhambra zien, zoals de deur van de zeven verdiepingen of de deur van de wijn

City, stands out amongst the different areas of the Palatine city of the Alhambra. An urban structure where the real street next to the real low street were the main axes of the whole. Today the Royal Street remains the backbone of the monumental enclosure.  Walking along the royal Street we will see some of the doors of the Alhambra, like the gate of the seven floors or the gate of the wine.

Visit and discover The Medina the city of the Alhambra

In our guided tour to La Alhambra we will have the chance to pass through the medina where today we find fundamental ruins of what in medieval times were palaces, houses, shops, workshops....  Part of what was the medina is even today a public space, with private house, shops, some marquetry or even two hotels. One of these two hotels is the Parador of San Francisco, the Franciscan Convent of the 16th century and the first burial place of the Catholic kings. 

Visit and discover The Medina the city of the Alhambraguided tour alhambra

In the Royal Street stands the Church of Santa Maria de la Alhambra on the site of the mosque. Although the mosque is not preserved, next to it, as in all the mosques there was a Hammam that today we can see rebuilt thanks to some preserved vestiges.

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